A Cub Scout should wear his uniform to Den Meetings, Pack Nights, and all Scout outings.

Blue (long or short sleeve): Tiger, Wolf and Bear (First, Second and Third Grades)
Tan (long or short sleeve): Webelos (Fourth and Fifth Grades)

Scout Belt
Navy Blue web belt: Tiger, Wolf, and Bear (First through Third Grade)
Tan web belt: Webelos (Fourth and Fifth Grades)

Scarf & Slide
Appropriate scarf & slide for rank

Appropriate cap for rank, i.e., Orange, Blue, or Tan


  • Pack Numbers (We’re Pack 1)
  • Den Number or Patrol patch
  • World Crest patch
  • American Flag (included on shirt)
  • Mount Baker Council shoulder patch

All participation patches and badges of rank are bought by the Pack as they are earned and handed out at meetings. Instructions regarding the correct placement of badges can be found inside Cub Scout books. More detailed instruction sheets showing correct insignia placement are also available at the Scout Shop at no charge.


Brag Vest, Red
This may be bought or made. All outing segments, District and special patches that are not official rank insignia are put on vests rather than on the uniform. This includes all Camporee, Day Camp, sporting events, derbies, pack outing, hiking, council sponsored event patches. The Varsity “C” letter can also be placed on the vest; academic and sports pins can be placed on the vest. Metals from derbies can also be pinned to the vest.

Cub Scout Pants or neat dark blue or black jeans



United States Flag
This patch is one that you shouldn’t have to sew on! Most uniforms come with the flag already attached to the right sleeve. Some previously used uniforms may have it taken off but additional ones can be purchased at the Scout Store. The Boy Scouts of America emblem over the right pocket is also attached to uniforms when purchased.

World Crest
This patch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership of our program in the World Scouting Movement. This patch shows our brotherhood with millions of Scouts around the world. This patch is worn centered above the left pocket in the middle between the top of the pocket and the shoulder seam.

Quality Unit Award
This award is given units who have met a list of requirements. This award is worn on the right sleeve of the official uniform. The top of the award should be placed 4 inches below the top of the American flag. Only the Quality Unit Award for the current year may be worn on the uniform.

Council Patch
This patch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to indicate the Council that represents their Pack. Each Council develops their own design although the shape and position on the uniform are the same. Our Council is the Mount Baker Council. This patch is worn on the left sleeve just below the shoulder seam.

Unit Numerals
This patch is worn by all Scouts and Leaders to signify membership in Pack 1. Unit numbers are worn on the left sleeve just below the council patch.


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